June 23, 2010

Do They Screen For Crazy When Casting The Bachelorette?

I'm not blogging about The Bachelorette this season, I've told you all I wouldn't do that to you. And now with that disclaimer out of the way...

I waited the entire episode waiting for Krazy Kasey to reveal the Stalker Tattoo. So did the Mr.  No shit, he was beside himself waiting for that to go down. In the meantime he got a kick out of some other stuff. Not that he was watching or anything...

My favorite moments of the evening included:

*When Wrestler Justin said the Championship Belt was Ali in this "wrestling match". Dude, you know this is gonna be on TV, don'tcha? Even the Mr said "Oh, Buddy, you better hope she never hears that!"

*When they showed Wrestler Justin inside the ice cave schmoozing Ali and then they cut to Krazy Kasey sitting outside in the snow like a toddler in time out. Because that's just funny.

*When Ali utters the phrase "The only thing Kasey has to do today is be normal."  Oh, is that all?  Ok, how's this for normal, BAM! *reveals tattoo which proves he's imbalanced.* 

*When basically 30 seconds after the big tattoo reveal, Justin and Ali fly off in the helicopter and leave Kasey's ass on the top of the glacier. God, I love this show!

*When Ali asks Chris N to tell her something exciting about himself and he says "I love Mexican food". I love Mexican food? So THAT'S why you get zero airtime, because you're essentially a human Ambien. Rock on, playa. 
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