June 22, 2010

Brilliant Parenting

Shut up

Aidan is not allowed to say these words yet he says them all. the. time. So I decided every time he says one of them, he has to write it 100 times. Then I realized he gets confused while counting to 100 so I'd have to help keep him on track. Screw that. Okay, 20 times it is. First one he had to write, Brat. Now he doesn't say brat anymore. He spells it. 

I am tearing this parenting thing up, I tell ya!


Michelle said...

Great idea!

Unknown said...

hahah and he now knows how to spell it incase it comes in handy for that next school project.


The Red Headed Mama said...

Today at the park Aiden looks at his little friend and whispers "don't ever say shut your pie hole"

Part of me had to stop from laughing while the other part reminded him that he is not allowed to say that...to which he replied "that sucks". :/

Why is it that punishing kids also punishes the parents?! We really need a better plan of attack.

Anonymous said...

ROFL Maybe I should try this :)

Night Owl Mama said...

spelling butt hole sounds like fun. LOL.

Remember Beavis and butt head. Bun-holey-o is popular around here. LMAO

Lorie Shewbridge said...

OMG, I still love that boy!! He is the smartest (assed) kid I know.
He knows how to count to 20 now, too. You are a AWESOME mom, you are teaching spelling, counting, what else can we come up with???
You rock, mom!! TeeHee