May 15, 2010

Again? Really? Yes, Again!!!

Yeah, all that crap about being done screwing with my blog design?  Sike!!! *swipes hand along side of head, circa 1991*

I can't stop myself!!!

Update: Ok, NOW it's possible I'm done.  For awhile.  I got a free template online and then jacked it up beyond recognition, used images from an old design I had done and jacked them up beyond recognition, and somehow came up with something I think I really like.  *everyone has been properly credited over there on the right sidebar*  

I took so much stuff off of my sidebars -  Comment Whore Crown, Blog Rating, etc... What do you guys want back?  The ads aren't negotiable. BlogHer Ads accepted my sincere apologies for dumping them last year and let me back into The Circle.  That $1.24 a month is already burning a hole in my pocket!

So, what do you think?
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