May 20, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

It's been quite a while since I've done a Thursday Thirteen.  Since I did my recap on the recent series finales, I think a list of 13 TV characters I'd like to see die would be fitting.  Yes, die, I'm in THAT kinda mood.

#1 Holly from Brothers & Sisters - because the only purpose she served was villain and now she's not even bad.  Pick a character flaw and stick with it, will ya?

#2 ADA Jo Marlowe from Law & Order SVU - simply because Sharon Stone is playing her and I think I've been clear about how I feel about that.

#3 Rita Bennett from Dexter - because she's a NAG.  Oh wait, they did kill her.  Score!

#4 Kate from Lost - because OMG how many times can she get shot and live?!?!  And because the Sawyer/Kate/Jack lust triangle is booooring....

#5 The Entire Cast of Happy Town - because that show blows!

#6 Any Character That Rob Lowe Plays - because playing Billy in St Elmo's Fire was the best he was ever gonna be.

#7 Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men - because Sheen's offscreen antics are THAT bad.

#8 Christina from Grey's Anatomy - because clearly Owen isn't going to get it on with Teddy unless Christina is dead.

#9 Everyone from The Mentalist except Patrick Jane - because why else does anyone watch that show?

#10 Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds - because they've never killed off a major character and Hotch is my least fave.

#11 Ariel from Medium - because that girl does the Ugly Cry in every. single. episode.

#12 Addison and #13Naomi from Private Practice - because Addison is a slutbag and Naomi is a frigid bitch.


Unknown said...

buahahaha love this post...
and I watch 5 of the shows mentioned.

i love kate, i think i have a girl crush on her.

holly couldn't agree more...wth? good, not good, good, not good.
(however, ben on lost has done this quite well...but guess he was never good really, but i sure thought he might lean that way and take one for the team. proved me wrong)

TOTALLY disagree with the Rob Lowe...*drools just thinking of him* He can pretty much play anything and have me for dinner.

Christina...hahaha, I love her...and owen can suck it.

Addison...seriously, I want to punch her. The way she fucking pierces her lips drives me watch you'll see it, and when you do, you'll wanna kick her in the taco too.

and sometimes when I rant like this in comments I think, I should be posting this as a post on my blog....

alas. no.

Crystal said...

Ok, I agree with all of those except #10. Criminal Minds is my favorite show and I like all of the characters, even Hotch, even though they can be annoying sometimes.

Unknown said...

and shut the front door....*slaps forehead*

I am behind on Brother's and Sisters, 3 weeks behind and I think I just read the spoiler below....


Anonymous said...

Oops! Well, I knew it was going to happen b/c he was leaving the show. You didn't see that coming?

Cassie said...

On the Mentalist, while every character wouldn't have to die, they clearly need to get over the stifling Jane. I mean after all he knows everything.
And Ariel on Medium is verrry annoying.

cbs111 said...

I didn't see the Rob Lowe thing coming, until hubby told me he is on a new show. I was bummed, that leaves Justin as the only eye candy on the show for me.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

This is a great list!! I don't watch Bros & Sis anymore - it just got so annoying and Holly was one of the reasons.
I also don't agree with #10, Hotch is cool & now he is a single dad. I loved his line in the last show to Reed, "Did you join a boy band?"
I SOOOOO agree about "Happy Town" I couldn't even watch after 2 episodes - I HATE that show.
And, one more thing... I don't watch Private Practice because Addison just cannot make it on her own, badly done spin-off!
You should do more of these lists.

Unknown said...

Happy Town is canceled- thank the lord

Unknown said...

i gave you an award.