May 20, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

It's been quite a while since I've done a Thursday Thirteen.  Since I did my recap on the recent series finales, I think a list of 13 TV characters I'd like to see die would be fitting.  Yes, die, I'm in THAT kinda mood.

#1 Holly from Brothers & Sisters - because the only purpose she served was villain and now she's not even bad.  Pick a character flaw and stick with it, will ya?

#2 ADA Jo Marlowe from Law & Order SVU - simply because Sharon Stone is playing her and I think I've been clear about how I feel about that.

#3 Rita Bennett from Dexter - because she's a NAG.  Oh wait, they did kill her.  Score!

#4 Kate from Lost - because OMG how many times can she get shot and live?!?!  And because the Sawyer/Kate/Jack lust triangle is booooring....

#5 The Entire Cast of Happy Town - because that show blows!

#6 Any Character That Rob Lowe Plays - because playing Billy in St Elmo's Fire was the best he was ever gonna be.

#7 Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men - because Sheen's offscreen antics are THAT bad.

#8 Christina from Grey's Anatomy - because clearly Owen isn't going to get it on with Teddy unless Christina is dead.

#9 Everyone from The Mentalist except Patrick Jane - because why else does anyone watch that show?

#10 Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds - because they've never killed off a major character and Hotch is my least fave.

#11 Ariel from Medium - because that girl does the Ugly Cry in every. single. episode.

#12 Addison and #13Naomi from Private Practice - because Addison is a slutbag and Naomi is a frigid bitch.
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