May 20, 2010

Sometimes I Just Ramble

I promised the kids I would take them to the zoo today.  And now I want to kick myself in the head for doing so.  It sounded like a good idea when I was all pumped up to play "Mommy who likes being in public with her kids".  And then this morning I woke up ready to spit bile at anyone who irritated me.  The boys have 2 volumes - high pitched screaming in excitement and high pitched screaming in agony or anger.  It irritates me.  So maybe the zoo is a good idea, a big open space where they can scream and some of the sound dissipates a bit before my ears start ringing.  

A new development - the boys are stalking our neighbors.  For real, ya'll, they stand in our driveway and wait for their garage door to open or someone to come out.  There are 2 little boys over there and it's clear they are much preferred over the little Nazis girls next door.  In fact, Aidan left the girls' yard to come back to our yard to play with them and the next day the littlest one warned Aidan never to leave her yard before she's done playing with him again.  I feel for her future husband.  I hope he gets thoroughly hen pecked by a bunch of sisters in his childhood so his marriage to her won't be such a shock.  

I read this morning that CBS cancelled Ghost Whisperer.  COME ON!  You can't just cancel it!  What about little Aiden and The Shineys?  I'm sorry, CBS, but this is not acceptable.  And NBC cancelled Law & Order.  I do not want to live in a world where there is no Law & Order or Ghost Whisperer.  It's just not acceptable.  And while I'm on the subject of TV - why don't we discuss a couple recent season finales cuz you KNOW that I've got some opinions... 

Brothers & Sisters - Robert dies, boo hoo, sucks to be Robert. Saul has AIDS, well it's always kinda sucked to be Saul.  And water is what is going to save Ojai Foods? WATER?  *huge eyeroll*

Private Practice - Dell!  Really, Dell? Of all the asshole characters on that show and you kill Dell?  Why not Addison, she's fucked everyone in the practice, I think her storyline is all but played out.  And Cooper proposes to Charlotte?  Dude, she better say no cuz Coop is a pussy of the highest order.  Charlotte has a bigger set of balls than he does. *huge eyeroll*

Desperate Housewives - Ok, when Angie turned around, smirked, and waved at Crazy Ass Ex seconds before she blew him up, I might have actually made the "squee" sound.  Eddie the psycho killer helping Lynette deliver the baby was LAME and a baby switched at birth? What show is this, The Young and the Restless? *huge eyeroll*

Come on now, Greys, Medium, Criminal Minds, Bones, Mentalist, Good Wife, and Lost, don't disappoint me.  
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