May 17, 2010

Musical Monday - My YouTube Favorites

song starts about 43 seconds in

skip to 1:45 in

starts 34 seconds in

this shit is FUNNY! If you don't read Allie, I don't understand you.

This one is AMAZING. Lady Gaga better watch her ass cuz this kid just schooled her on performing her own song!


Lorie Shewbridge said...

Way cool music choices this week. I think that little boy has it WAY over that Gaga chick.
I have no idea what Allie is all about, and that song she was lip-syncing too was annoying, but you are so right that she does some funny shit. Everytime you post something of hers, I crack up.
I think my fave was the Michelle Branch song.
Thanks for sharing. :-)

Unknown said...

Kara is awesome...that's cool.
Love the Gaga boy.
Adore Lee...this week i cried...he was AWESOME!

Ordie O. said...

Gall dang. That kid can sing, right?