May 27, 2010

Meet The Bachelors

Okay, The Bachelorette started on Monday.  I DVR'd it so I'm just now getting to my recap.  So, let's meet the guys who are making asses out of themselves vying for Crybaby Allie's affections.  

Frank - You followed your heart and your heart led you to quit a secure job to move back in with your parents to write screenplays? Gotcha. Good plan.

Jake - I wish I could spell your laugh.  Fail!

Craig - Step away from the mirror.

Kyle - Mountainman is not an occupation. Allie doesn't strike me as the rugged, outdoorsy kind of girl.  

Justin - I hated you during the first of your intro but then you hobbled into Grandma's house and acted normal so I guess you can stay.

Phil - That dead brother story will probably get you thru 3 rounds all on it's own.  

Jonathan - cue Charlie Brown's teacher

Ty - Men with big ol yellow labs are always a sure bet. 

Chris - swoon!

Roberto - They didn't give you much intro time, did they, loverboy?

Tyler - Go back home, kid.

Derrick - Did you say something?

Steve - Hu?

John C. - Next!

Kirk - "I wouldn't be here if it was anybody else."? Um, don't you apply without knowing who the bachelorette is going to be?  Get real, you'd be here no matter who it was!

Chril L. - Shut up!

The other 10 guys - blah blah blah

After all that, I've decided I'm not blogging about The Bachelorette.  I stumbled and did it last season and I might be seriously low on blog fodder lately but I think I'd rather take a summer blogging break.  Plus, Allie kinda makes me want to rip big chunks of hair out of my head.  By the roots.  I mean really,  the posts about this season would consist mainly of *eyeroll* *huge eyeroll* *multiple eyerolls* and I have too much respect for the 3 of you who read my blog to do that to you. 
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