May 11, 2010

Is It Monday Again?

Just a couple of quick things.

I think I'm done redoing my blog.  All that time and effort and I basically went back to the way it was, just changed up the header a bit.  I know, I know, white text on black background - how will you all survive...  I'll tell you, Google Reader or sign up for email subscription (easy peasy buttons on the right sidebar).  Just don't get lazy and stop commenting. Some of you are seriously slacking and it's hurting my feelings a little SOKNOCKITTHEFUCKOFFALREADY!!!

Is it weird that I suck in my gut when a semi or really high SUV passes me?  I do it because of course anybody who passes by is looking over at my lap to see if my tummy overlaps, right?  No?  So that's just me being all self absorbed and crazy?  Gotcha. Good to know.

It's 8am and I'm sitting on the couch curled up with my laptop watching Toot and Puddle while the kids destroy their playroom downstairs. Noone is dressed, I think they might have had breakfast with Daddy before I got up, but I'm not at all sure, Aidan's lunch isn't packed, his backpack hasn't been thoroughly checked for contraband, I don't have any of the papers together that I need to get the Jeep licensed, and all of my jeans are still in the washer.  We leave the house in 36 minutes.  This should be fun.

Are you guys serious?  Nobody wanted to rave about how in love they are with Mason Jennings after my Musical Monday post on him?  I'm not sure I can get over that, guys.  He's awe. some.  And really? I post music from Pretty Woman and Breakfast Club and nuthin'?  Who ARE you people?  I'm very disappointed....

Shit, 29 minutes!
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