May 25, 2010

I Hate It When That Happens

Last week I suggested to the Mr that we put sand in the space below the kids' swing set.  He put his foot down and flat out refused! 

So this weekend while he was putting sand under the swing set *hee hee hee* he was ranting about how I was going to regret it and within a few weeks he'd be decking over this brilliant idea of mine.  I, being as stubborn confident as I am, knew better.

Cut to 28.6 seconds after the boys started playing in it...

Me: "You're gonna have to go get some decking and cover that shit up!"
Mr:  *intense death glare*

I also wanted to buy a hard plastic kiddie pool the boys could splash around in and keep cool this summer since I'm probably not taking them to a public pool and the best they can hope for is a creek down in Arkansas.  The Mr claimed it was a terrible idea and I was just trying to make a huge mess of the back yard and the house.  I ignored him took his objections into consideration and bought a kiddie pool today.  Surely he can't be right twice in a row.
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