May 16, 2010

Celebrity Letters - Sharon Stone

Dear Sharon Stone,

Is NBC serious? You as the new ADA on Law & Order SVU?  I'm sorry this isn't going to work out for me.  Now I realize flashing your vag during an interrogation scene was the venue through which you shot to stardom but I don't think that opportunity is going to present itself on prime time.  You might check with CBS though, they don't mind "wardrobe malfunctions", maybe they have a show for you.  Get off my SVU!

Not A Sharon Stone Fan


cbs111 said...

I agree 1 million percent!

And I love the new look.

TR4 said...

Hi there.
My family loves acting + theatre. And while I mourn + sorrow for the SVU viewers + cast, [is it SVU?], I must say...thank Googly Moogly that she is now in the business side of TV + acting, where her flashing + supposedly scant acting skills can't do the acting industry any more harm.

{The previous was brought to you in technicolor sarcasm + spite directed at Sharon Stone.) :)

I really like your blog, by the way. :)

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Here, here... PLEASE bring back Stephanie March!!