April 30, 2010

What To Do, What To Do?

I will be doing a little redesign on my blog soon. By soon, I mean like right now and by redesign, I mean completely change the layout. Something more grown up, simple, linear... Seems some people think white text on black background is an assault on the eyes - although noone has said so to me. Either way, I'm ready for a change. I've already gotten rid of several sidebar sections. How about you guys tell me what you like and don't like.

UPDATE: What about this Link Within thing - do you guys ever actually click on those post suggestions linked below my posts? 

I removed the Comment Whore stuff - do you Hookers want it back?  

Now that you see how it looks all plain and white and all - what do you think?  Note - I'm so not finished, I cannot get my header to stretch all the way across the page (speaking of the header, i don't like the ad on it but I'm image design retarded so...), nor can I remove that stubborn ass blog title at the top.  I managed to make the text white so it can't be seen but it still takes up the space.  Why won't HTML do what I tell it to do?  Day-um!

I'm thinking of doing ads again.  Maybe Blog-Her, maybe Google ads, I dunno.  You guys wouldn't deny me 86 cents a month for my finely tuned snark, would you?


cbs111 said...

The black background makes it harder for me to hide what I'm doing at work. So if you hange that I won't be upset. The rest is whatever. As long as you're still snarky, we'll get along just fine.

Expat No. 3699 said...

Hey, first time here...but since you asked, I'd add the date either at the top or bottom of your posts.

Tabitha Blue said...

Hey there! I didn't see your site before, but this one looks great! Good luck on all the fun designing!!

PS, mine is black and I've heard that before, but just didn't feel like changing it yet, I kinda like it. My blog is photo heavy, and black makes the photos pop! LOL


The Red Headed Mama said...

My hubby has changed every theme possible on his computer so that everything reads with a black background and white text. It's easier on his eyes, but he's an odd one...so don't go by that :)

Have fun with the redesign. I'm not picky...although I tend to prefer very little clutter on my blogs. If only the same could be said for my house...

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Like I mentioned on the last post, I'm loving the new look. One thing I do miss is the photos of those gorgeous children on the header. Can you add maybe a small photo of each of them on your sidebar just for "Auntie" Lorie?
I'm kind-of partial to the black background with light colored lettering, that's what I have, but I am also considering a change for the same reason you mentioned. But I don't know enough about HTML to do it myself. I would love to win a blog make-over.

Julie said...

Hi there,
I saw this post and wanted to give you an option. I have a design blog at http://deluxeblogdesigns.blogspot.com and I can show you some of the recent designs I've done. I wanted to respond because I thought your "linear" comment was funny. I tell people I have undiagnosed OCD, so I feel that we'd make a pretty good team lol.

Ordie O. said...

That's pretty weird because I was just thinking how your obsessive-compulsive redesign gene must've sustained DNA damage from eating all that genetically modified food, or something because it'd been a long time since you redesigned your webpage. At least you're still changing your hair color every week, or so.
I don't like the "if you like this you might like these" link. I never click on them. Gone.
Otherwise, I don't care as long as you keep writing and I get to keep reading.
What do you care what we want anyway? Your blog, your choice, remember?