April 13, 2010

Just a Quick Rant

Oh my GOD, ya'll! Me and Blogger are fighting again! My Dashboard keeps saying 1 Unmoderated Comment. It's a comment that was moderated 8 months ago! And I approve it, I deny it, hell I even went in and deleted the original comment and STILL it says 1 Unmoderated Comment.

Look, it's just a tiny annoyance, no big deal in the scheme of things but damn if it doesn't PISS ME OFF!

One more thing... This morning, 7:50am, doorbell rings. For once in the damn history of the universe the kids weren't already up so thanks for taking care of that. I answered the door in my bathrobe wondering what the hell must be going on in my quiet little neighborhood. I would soon find out. There's an old woman with a dog on the porch. She tells me that she was walking her dog around the cul de sac and the little dog next door got out of the neighbors fence.

Um, ok, the NEIGHBOR'S dog got out of the NEIGHBOR'S fence so, logically, you come over to MY house at 7:50am to tell ME about it. Gotcha. Well, okay, let me go outside in my bathrobe and put the NEIGHBOR'S dog back in the NEIGHBOR'S fence for you. Seriously? What the sam hell is wrong with people?
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