April 1, 2010

The Internet Amuses Me

It's been some time since I even checked my stats and even longer since I checked my search keywords. You fucking people KILL me! Like what the sam hell are you doing googling some of this shit? Yes, I realize this makes you only slightly less crazy as me and so it's probably a good thing you stumbled upon this here gem of a blog but damn if I don't almost choke reading some of these!

people that look normal but have 4 diseases - Four but not 3 or 5? Any specific diseases? WTF?

mowing over dog shit - yes, that's how you get rid of it, isn't it?

how do I cancel an account with dreamshades.com? - I'd like to note this was searched FOURTEEN times.

lost my mind and fake friend facebook status - are you looking to jack my ingenious status updates?

mamamamamamama games - I'm lost here, really.

can I write a blog on Ambien? - You COULD but I wouldn't recommend it. Aw, what the hell, you won't remember it anyway, go for it!

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