April 1, 2010

The Internet Amuses Me

It's been some time since I even checked my stats and even longer since I checked my search keywords. You fucking people KILL me! Like what the sam hell are you doing googling some of this shit? Yes, I realize this makes you only slightly less crazy as me and so it's probably a good thing you stumbled upon this here gem of a blog but damn if I don't almost choke reading some of these!

people that look normal but have 4 diseases - Four but not 3 or 5? Any specific diseases? WTF?

mowing over dog shit - yes, that's how you get rid of it, isn't it?

how do I cancel an account with dreamshades.com? - I'd like to note this was searched FOURTEEN times.

lost my mind and fake friend facebook status - are you looking to jack my ingenious status updates?

mamamamamamama games - I'm lost here, really.

can I write a blog on Ambien? - You COULD but I wouldn't recommend it. Aw, what the hell, you won't remember it anyway, go for it!


Cassie said...

You have all the interesting followers....

Em said...

Oh, Ambien...what a lovely drug it is. Your comment about your search keywords (what are those?)reminded me about my own little experience with this harmless little pill. Guess that will be my blog entry. Though I don't know if I can tell the story as good as my kids do. After all...I don't remember any of it!

Unknown said...

Oh, hell! Only you could make Stat Counter (or whatever) so damn funny!

Kritta22 said...

LOL I think YOU should write a blog on Ambien. Especially since I was in labor and you're all sleeping and crap.

Farmers Wifey said...

I'm going to now check on my stats..but they won't be as funny as yours are..most of the time mine involve farmers wife/friend/daughter and f*cking..

~Ronda~ said...

Yup, your right, all of those you listed are just a tad off anything close to being sane! So you, my dear are A-Ok!! Still LMAO at those!!

Teaching With a Toddler said...

Hey :) I only just started following your blog but it makes me laugh every time you write a new post.
Can I ask a liiiiitle question please? How do you see your stats like that? Is it an outside web service or can you do it through Blogger?
Thanks for the great posts :)

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Those are freaking awesome! I wish I knew how to check mine... but they'd be really boring, I'm sure!
I LOVE Ambien... wish I had some right now! Do you see the time of this post????