April 25, 2010

Dateline Makes Me Think About Stuff

While watching Dateline, a thought crosses my mind - Exactly how many true crime shows do you need to see to know that when planning to murder someone, do not, I repeat DO NOT, conduct internet searches such as "pull off the perfect murder", "how to kill someone and get away with it", and "poisons undetectable in autopsy" on YOUR OWN COMPUTER. Dumbass. You deserve to be tonight's story.

Another thought that came to me while I watched this particular episode, on this particular night, a night that the entire state was whimpering over a few thunderstorms coming through. Of course the local weather guys immediately interrupt the show to give us 'live action video of the storm' which to us at home looks like black screen. Fascinating! They "interrupt this program for breaking weather news" approximately 60 seconds after a commercial break. So for those of us who realize that most of the time people actually survive thunderstorms, we're thinking "you couldn't have interrupted the damn commercials?" Ah, yet another example of how everything would be better if I was running shit.

One last thing, if I'm murdered in some fantastic way, I wonder which snapshots of me will they show every 34 seconds during my episode? Let's hope it's not these. That would be embarrassing. On the other hand, do you think my blog stats would blow up? Hmmm.....
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