April 20, 2010

Am I Destined For a Lifetime of Neighbor Bullshit?

The focus of this series is Little Evil and Big Evil from next door and Major Evil, from behind us.

Little Evil and Big Evil played with Aidan and Asher fairly nicely for a few weeks. Then one day Major Evil came into the picture. Right away the little assholes started teasing Aidan, telling him to come play and when he got there they yelled at him until he left. Then they'd tell him to come ring the doorbell and they'd let him in and when he did they laughed and slammed the door. Little Evil told him he was going to die before he was 6!

I mean really? REALLY? What the sam fuck? I'd like to take them all and smack their little heads together.

Aidan says I'm mean and they're his friends and he doesn't care if they're mean to him because he wants to play. I kept letting it go but after today that shit is over.

Today the little brats came over here to "play" and immediately start demanding food and when Aidan would bring them something they'd say "Get me something I like! I want something else! Go get me something to drink!" Then, THEN, when they were done eating everything they could get until I said no more (and throwing the trash in the damn yard), they got up and left and refused to let him play with them. Oh, I almost lost my damn mind. I think I'm going to petition the POA to let us build a 8ft brick wall between our yards.


Em said...

How old are these kids? I know your kids (yours, mine, everyones) like to handle these things themselves and not have "mommy" get involved but over here "mommy" got involved until ... well, "mommy" is still involved! LOL. Just last night my SEVENTEEN year old daughter said a girl from school was pranking her and wanted ME to call her. I did, of course, I guess I like that she still depends on me! Anyway...have you talked to the parents? If you don't feel comfortable doing that, because I know - they're your neighbors and you have to live there - say something to the kids; especially if they are at your house. I've dealt with BRATS (thats what they are) like that and I let them know it AIN'T HAPPENING at my house. Usually that works pretty well - until their parent shows up - then they IMMEDIATELY turn back into MONSTERS! Good luck to you and Aidan!

Deb said...

The saddest part is that Aidan defends the rotten kids because they want to be friends. My son is the same way when it comes to Daniel, our friend's kid who I'm convinced is just irreversibly rotten at the ripe age of 3. He'll even say, "Daniel didn't mean it because he's my friend." It's awkward because our friends are really defensive about their parenting and won't face that they're raising a punk. I've been making excuses to avoid playdates, but one of these days I'm going to snap and banish the whole family from my home forever. Er, sorry, this is your blog, right? Thanks for letting me borrow it for a little vent. Good luck with the Evils. They sound like they really could use their heads bashed together.

Cassie said...

I wouldn't let my kids play with them either. There's a kid in my six year old's class who keeps "giving" him things and then telling him he owes him something. I told him with friends like that you don't need enemies.

Crystal said...

Kids can be such little assholes sometimes. Good luck with the situation, I wouldn't know what to do if it were me.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Geeze, I wouldn't know what to do in that situation, but you have every right to be pissed!
Poor Aidan will finally see it, eventually, I just hope he doesn't get hurt too badly first.
Give him a big hug for me.