March 11, 2010

Take The Time To Watch This. For Real!


Crystal said...

That was great. "Let me tell you somethin' folks, just because you got some braids and some easy e sunglasses, it does not make you a thug." That's when I started LOLing. Thanks for the laugh.

Ms. G said...

My 16 year old said "That was Epic in about six different languages!"
and she likes your little green area-over there-> :)

MoonNStarMommy said...

ROFLMBOoooooo... where do you find this sheit!?!?! I was cracking up. Old people strength rocks!

@eloh said...

This was great!

I watched several videos on this little fight the other day.... the black guy was sent back to prison for parole violations.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

This was soooo funny! I sent it over to my hubby - who is an old white dude (he just turned 68 last Monday). My favorite was when the guy said he was gonna get him "next time" - Riigghhhttt!!!
Then he wanted an "amulance". WTF?
So freakin hysterical.
Don't mess with a 150 year old white dude! I know I have one as my protector!!