March 11, 2010

Sometimes I Think To Myself, Really? Is This Really My Life?

I didn't write about it but I Twittered and told everyone on Facebook about it. Last week after the boys went to bed, Asher came upstairs mad as a wet hen talking about "Aidan pee on my bed!" followed by Aidan "He's a liar, I did not!". We looked at each other with the 'no. mother-fucking. way!' look and headed downstairs and yes, Aidan had very obviously peed off of the top bunk onto Asher's bed below, on the wall, on the curtains, and on the carpet. He explained later that he "just wanted to pee off the bed". Oh, well, in that case...

Just a few days later, after going through some stuff in the storage/playroom, Mr told me that he was pretty sure one of the boys had peed into an old TV down there. We tried to act like surely our kids wouldn't pee onto the electronics knowing full well that they damn sure would and more specifically that Aidan was most likely the culprit. Our suspicions were confirmed today when I was moving all of our stuff from that room into the locked storage room since clearly NOTHING is safe where they can get to it. The TV reeked of pee and it was all wet inside. Plus, Asher ratted him out.

Seriously? Do all boys do this shit or did we just get lucky? Aidan's always had his quirks, always been difficult, always made us shake our heads... It's not ODD, it's not Asperger's... he's his very own diagnosis and I'm not sure I'm going to survive my child-rearing years.
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