March 7, 2010

Poll: Chileans Unhappy With Gov'ts Quake Response

When I saw this headline flashing across my Yahoo homepage 2 things immediately came to mind.

#1. Didn't your country suffer an 8.8 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami? That's kind of a big deal, it might take a day or two. Clearly patience is not your virtue.

#2. After such a natural disaster, instead of picking up debris or rebuilding homes, you took a poll? And you're disappointed in the government's response?

Shut up!

After reading the article further I realize that this is a poll of 600 people taken in Santiago. The population of Santiago is about 5 Million. The population of Chile is roughly 16 Million. Suddenly your poll pisses me off infinitely more. Shut the FUCK up!


MoonNStarMommy said...

Here here!!!

@eloh said...

Polls and statistics...both equal crap.

Don't get me started on disasters... I fear my view would be very unpopular....

I saw a widespread and life altering disaster first hand...just a few years ago.... here's the rub.... the mayors didn't desert their people, knew they were living with potential disaster and had a proceedure in place, the people helped each other, no one was left behind in their homes or nursing homes to drown, no one was murdered in the hospitals... no one lost their life because of stupidity or the lack of city government.....afterwards everyone that could cleaned up ands helped their neighbor clean up.....they had been declared a disaster.... but help never came....they didn't need it. I speak of Iowa.

N.O. re-elected the same worthless mayor... noone was ever charged with leaving the helpless behind...

Cassie said...

This begs the question, exactly what kind of response would make them happy?

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I loved you post and so did hubby! We both cracked up - especially at the last line.
I love when you write about current affairs.