March 16, 2010

Now I Know Why Verizon Bought Alltel. Because Clearly They Need Some Help

Dear Alltel,
I'm writing to you today because my husband is not getting his work emails on his BlackBerry. Not since Thursday. I, myself, am having no problem getting the 67 or so Cialis and Viagra and Canadian Pharmacy ads each day from my Yahoo email account. Go figure. The reason I am writing instead of calling is simple; According to your recording, after 8 minutes of prompts, Alltel is experiencing technical difficulties and will not be able to answer my calls. Oh, technical difficulties? No shit, Sherlock. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
I cannot wait until our contract with you is up. Maybe I can get a phone number from the STATE I LIVE IN with another provider. Maybe he can get his email. Maybe, just maybe, their technical support can respond to issues with a little more than "Yeah, we know the service is fucked, that's why we're not answering calls at this time. We are experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to answer your call." You suck!
Your Hostage Loyal Customer in Iowa with a Nebraska Phone Number
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