March 9, 2010

Is It A Requirement...

... to be a... wait for it... cunt! to work at the DMV?

Yeah, I said it!

I just want a damn class C drivers license. I'm not trying to fly a plane or a drive big rig or even a motorcycle so why must I have a recent utility bill, fingerprint card, background check, social security card, lie detector test, birth certificate, passport, and a letter from the doctor who delivered me? For Christ sake, I had a very obviously 30 year old CARBON COPY of the original certificate. Do you know the meaning of 'carbon copy'? How exactly do you imagine I faked that? I'd like to jack-slap thank you for your snide, condescending tone while you chided me for not having the correct paperwork and also for the wretched looks of pure irritation and asshole, constipated look on your face with every little sound Asher made in the HOURS we were there. He's fucking adorable, how can you not smile at him? And he wasn't even being a snot, he was in a great mood and being incredibly cute. You're a bitch.

Another Unsatisfied DMV Customer Who Curses Any Day Spent At The DMV

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