February 25, 2010

What Happens When You Get 25 Women In A Room?

The Women Tell All. Lies. That's what they tell, mkay, ya'll?

I'm just going to skip over most of the hour and a half of bullshit fluff they blew up our asses on Monday night. But I do have some opinions.

Michelle AKA Crazy Girl. I didn't start watching The Bachelor until the hometown dates so I missed most of what they were talking about but based on what I saw and the clips I've come to a conclusion. Michelle was/is crazy. As are the rest of you heifers! Ever heard the old saying about people in glass whorehouses? Yeah, take heart, every single one of you signed up to compete to hook up with a guy on TV. In my opinion, makes you all crazy.

Elizabeth from Nebraska AKA Forehead Girl. "You can only kiss my forehead. Do you want to make out with my forehead?". Girl, there is an art to being a tease. You don't have a knack for it. Also, I'm pretty sure you have to put out completely to make it to the end and even then you can get booted *cough* Gia *cough*. Just sayin'.

Bachelor Cast Reunions AKA Didn't hook up enough during my season so here I am. Let's Party!

Bachelor Cast Does Charity AKA Make up for shit that happened during Bachelor Cast Reunions.

Rozlyn. Oh, Rozlyn. What can I say, really? Girl hooks up with Forbidden Producer, Forbidden Producer gets the ax, Girl gets booted, Host accuses Girl on national TV, Girl denies, Jealous Catty Bitches make shit up about Girl, Girl denies, Host continues to accuse Girl, Girl loses her shit and accuses Host of trying to screw Forbidden Producer's wife, end of show. That's just good trash TV, folks.


Cassie said...

There is nothing like quality trash tv. LOL

April said...

Hahahaha! Totally agree with everything you said!

Unknown said...

i KNOW, right??? lmfao.
good times.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

You just HAVE to be making this shit up! I cannot believe this is really on TV, is it???
You make me laugh so hard, I was choking on my coffee!