February 21, 2010

He Started It!

I had my first Wii Fit Plus work out Tuesday.

During start up, where it measures balance and posture went ok. During this part, the balance board is a character. Kind of a wise ass character as you'll soon realize. My Balance Board neglected to make any remarks at that point. However, when the info from all that calculating popped up the Balance Board ran his head a little with "Whoa! That's Super Grossly Disgustingly Way Too Big! Let's get on a program. Pick a trainer." I presented my favorite finger in response but by the time I flew it high, Balance Board as a character was gone. I like to think he saw it though.

I chose Male Trainer who I will affectionately call Trainer El Diablo or TED for short. After one balance activity the son of a bitch asked me if I have trouble walking around. I said No, but your mom does, bitch!

I took Friday off and when I started on Saturday morning the bastard said Too busy to work out yesterday, Amanda? I said, Yeah. Too busy with your mom!

I can see this Your Mom thing going on long term and getting real ugly.
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