February 24, 2010

Getting to Know You

Just a few of my quirks. Some of them might shed some light on my personality disorder.

I hate gold. Well, yellow gold really. I hate gold fixtures. I will not buy a vehicle with gold accents. Hate it. I don't know why, it's not rational.

Three sitcoms that make me gut laugh with every episode; King of Queens, Big Bang Theory, and The New Adventures of Old Christine. I wanna be Old Christine when I grow up.

I'm scared of Oprah. That woman is SO powerful and SO influential and SO rich. Just like China, I'm pretty sure she could take over the world if she just up and decided to. When the Olympics were in China, I almost pulled my hair out.

If I try to read a blog in a reader and only the first 5 lines show and then I have to click the link to read the rest, I delete the blog from my reader. And I'll only bookmark it to read again if it's really really good. It's bitchy, I know. I'm a bitch. Them's the breaks.

It would be really great if Asher could potty train himself. Aidan did it. Would it be wrong of me to start with the "Why can't you be more like your bother" spiel?

I can't wait for Lost to be over. I'm DVRing them all so I can watch all at once because I'm entirely too impatient to wait a week in between episodes. It's KILLING me not to watch!
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