February 5, 2010

Facebook High

I kinda see Facebook as MySpace for people who are over their high school bullshit. I didn't have a bad time in high school. I never carried around any emotional turmoil from those years, I just got lucky I guess. Our class was small, less than 150 I think. Basically, all of us who are on Facebook are mutual "friends". Granted, the only interaction I have had with some of them is to accept the friend add. Why did I accept friend adds from people I never spoke to in school? Because I wasn't hung up on the fact that we never spoke. Because I honestly don't care.

Now despite raving about not carrying grudges from high school, it seems I've developed one. A girl from high school who popped up on Facebook recently. I actually forgot all about her but one look at her face and wow, I've got a damn grudge! There is no word to describe her except bitch. Absolute bitch. She was popular I think. She was definately a mean girl. Not the Rachel McAdam's character on the Mean Girls movie but she was really mean. She was the kind of mean that actually scared you. If she was nice to you, you were terrified because that meant one of two things; either she was fighting with her crowd and coming to you so she didn't have to walk down the hall alone or *and this was more likely the case* she was simply being nice so it would sting just a little more when she did or said whatever nasty thing she was planning on saying or doing. That's who she was. I could see it in her eyes back then. And I think I can see it in her eyes now. I look at her profile photo and I honestly believe she is the same girl only she's the office bully now and she's raising little girls just like her. I don't know why I can't let it go. I don't think she ever got one over on me but I saw her do it plenty of times and the mere presence of her profile on the internet makes my blood boil. Plus she's got one of those names like Buffy or Babs. I've never met one I like and I blame this particular girl for that.

I seriously only wrote this out to get it off my chest because it irritates me immensely that I spend even a minute thinking about her. That and I want you all to take my side and say she's a bitch, too.
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