February 13, 2010

A Couple of Aidan Moments

Earlier this week Aidan and Daddy were wrestling. Things were getting pretty rough and it was only a matter of time really until someone was crying. Or cussing. You decide who does which when they get hurt. Daddy shoved Aidan down, apparently by pushing him in the chest area. Aidan gets instantly furious and is holding his chest and screaming Ouch! My heart! You broke my heart! How am I supposed to say the Pledge of Allegiance now?!?!

On Thursday when I picked Aidan up from school he was chattering on about his day like he always does and I'm about half paying attention - not because I'm an asshole but because his little brother is which means I'm usually grabbing him up before he gets creamed by a car - when I catch "punched me in the face".

Wait. What? Who punched you in the face?


Ricky punched you in the face? When? Where? Why?

On the playground at recess. He punched me in the face. But it's okay cuz I punched him back.

You punched Ricky?


So you got into a fight?

Well, I didn't punch him in the face, I punched him somewhere else.

But you were fighting?



It's fun.

Oh. Kay...

I never got a call or note from school about it and he said a teacher saw them and told his classroom teacher. I guess they're going with the whole Boys Will Be Boys theory.


Jessi said...

He is something else LOL. Cracks me up!

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Oh he and my daughter would get along so well.

Farmers Wifey said...

He punched him where.....!

Kritta22 said...


Cuz it's fun!

I 100% love that boy!

Niki said...

lol @ "How am I supposed to say the Pledge of Allegiance now?!?!"

XmasDolly said...

Yes, boys will be boys, and at least he stuck up for himself. Maybe the other boy will think twice next time.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Oh, I love little boys... and especially your little Aidan!
Why did they fight? Cuz it's fun!
Daddy broke his heart, now he can't say the Pledge of Allegience, too funny!
Aidan is the best little boy!

Ordie O. said...

Interfering with a child's ability to pay homage to the great US of A? That darn Matt has gone too far this time!