February 24, 2010

C to the Razy

I have totally avoided this whole OctoMom thing up until today. Now it's ON. And you guys think Kate Gosselin is crazy. You do not know crazy!

So today Nadya Suleman was on The View this morning and oh. my. God. ya'll, this woman is completely whacked out. Completely. It's like the shit they pumped into her lips leaked out into her brain and now she can't quit stomping her feet and cackling and bouncing around. Whatever that shit was, it contains crack. Pure cocaine. And quite possibly some meth. I've tried to find the video of her appearance on The View and all I can find is this. It only scrapes the surface of the crazy.

The segment in it's entirety is probably in the hands of the DEA now. They're going through the footage frame by frame trying to isolate just exactly what the holy fuck that woman took so they can put out a warning to the public. I know there will soon be clips of Whoopi's face during the interview. All of the hosts were pretty uncomfortable. Hell, I was so uncomfortable I started writing this while it was all still going down. Let me just say I love a good train wreck. It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable. I don't know how else I can say the woman is crazy. And on something. And is crazy.
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