January 12, 2010

Who's On Sissy's Shit List

Time Warner Cable - Did you seriously suggest to me that we not move to avoid the termination fee? I thought so. You are a fucking idiot. You may not be the cable provider in our new city but based on our track record, we will be moving to an area that you do service within a few years. You can bet your sweet ass we will not sign up with you again. I hope that $ 25 or $100 or $70 or $80 or whatever amount you quote me next is worth it. Pricks.

Alltel Wireless - Again with the termination fees. So because your company doesn't provide service in the area we're moving to, I have to pay $400 to cancel? After our last conversation mere minutes ago, I can't even write about it right now. I think I need to go hit something.

Our mailman - Ya know what, jackass? There is snow everywhere. Around everyone's mailbox. If you leave me one more note telling me to remove the snow I'm gonna put a pipe bomb in the damn mailbox and see how that clears out the snow for ya.

Dreamshades.com - Yeah, I placed my order on Dec 26 and still I don't even have a "Your order has shipped" email from you. I can imagine what the ordeal will be like to get you to change the shipping address seeing as I still have never spoke to a real live person and only receive generic emails that don't ever answer my questions. So I hope whoever moves into this house enjoys my damn glasses. If they ever get here.

New addition to Shit List - People who were supposed to look at the house at 4:30pm today. - Do you know how long it took and how hard it was to get this place spotless with a preschooler and house full of moving boxes? And then you just don't show up? Are you fucking kidding me? You suck!

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