January 27, 2010

Who Regulates This Stuff?

I'm starting to question if those Jet Alert caffeine pills are actually legal. It's like 6 cups of coffee per pill. I take 2. And I drink Mt Dew.

 Back in high school I took Mini Thins (you know, the bad kind with ephedrine that's totally illegal now?) by the handful.

Anyway, I said that to say I really don't know how I took all those. Two of these pansy-ephedrine wannabes kinda make my skin crawl.

However, I've cleaned the entire house, done dishes, completely unpacked EVERYTHING, swept, mopped, vacuumed, dyed my hair, took the dog for a walk - she doesn't do walks, made Aidan's lunch for tomorrow, emptied the trash, shoveled snow off the patio, and I'm looking longingly at the garage full of stuff the Mr would not be thrilled with me touching because I just want to put it all away and organize it.

 And this is my second post today.

It's noon.

Legal? I think that should be looked into a little further.
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