January 31, 2010

This Post Reads Like A Schizophrenic's Train Of Thought

How do you know when your health insurance has run out from an old employer and the insurance from the new employer hasn't yet kicked in? Kid gets an earache. I couldn't make this shit up... last night at 12:15am - which makes it our very last day of coverage - Asher wakes up screaming and jerking on his bright red ear. We were up all. night. long.

Aidan said he wants to try new foods. So he made a turkey and fruit snack sandwich.

Asher has on a Razorback t-shirt, no pants, and snow boots. He's awesome!

People on Facebook are irritating me. I'm gonna refrain from a massive friend deleting session until I've had some sleep.


CynthiaK said...

That is crappy about Asher's earache! Poor guy. Hope things improved today.

I hear ya re: FB irritation. I've been feeling that for a while now but when I get too cranky about it, I just go pour myself a drink and move on...

Ms. G said...

Oh that sucks, I broke my ankle once during the 30 day probation on a new policy. Asher is definitly awesome! I tagged you for a 10 things that make me happy meme on my blog......don't hit me.
Join in if you like:)

Ordie O. said...

I'm thinking about deleting a bunch of people, too. I barely know a lot them and my degree of self-editing is in direct proportion to the number of my so-called "friend"s. (I secretly hate the majority of them)
I call for a picture of pantless Asher.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Poor little Asher - I hope he feels better soon!! I SO hate health insurance companies!!
You know, the turkey/fruit snack thing doesn't sound THAT bad. I like cranberry sauce on my turkey sandwhich... I'm just not so sure of the chewy part of the fruit snacks. It depends on how soft they are. Aidan may be on to something. He's a pretty bright kid.
I agree with Ordie... I want to see the pants-less Asher!!
I don't have enought friends on FB to start deleting them yet, I'll let you know when I get there, but there are some things that annoy me.
Hope you get some sleep - stop taking those crazy pills!!!!