January 9, 2010

More Facebook Status Updates From 2009

I love it when Matt takes Aidan to the store and comes back with his ass in Aidan's backpack. Now go with both of them, hero.

"Mama, will dog treats makes Asher sick?"
"Uh oh"

"I'd like to beat your ass!" says my 5yr old to his Daddy. Can you say ass whoopin'?

Aidan and Asher just about fought to the death over the last piece of corn on the cob. It was like UFC right in my kitchen.

I'll be damned if Aidan didn't do excellent at the dr this am! Unless you count kicking the shit out of a nurse during the TB test.

"Firstaball, Mama, I need a toaster for to make some-a peanut butter samwich" - Aidan
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