January 21, 2010

I'm Not Dead

I only wish I was.

We're all moved in. I'm surfing the net on a legal wireless connection now which is weird cuz not reconnecting to a random neighbor's unsecured network every 6 1/2 minutes was really keeping me on my toes.

Our neighbor's horse dog shits in our yard. And I'm totally okay with it because, well, you remember... They came over to clean it up and it was all I could do not to run out and say No no, it's okay, just leave it. It's just shit! And we're not Jackasses! On a related note, I wanted to let Lexi leave Jackass Neighbors a parting gift to remember us by but the Mr quashed my plans.

Asher, at 2 1/2 years old, is finally out of a crib. So now he falls out of bed every night. The kinks in the sleeping arrangements here are not exactly ironed out yet. There is one bedroom finished in the basement and another that just needs a ceiling and carpet. Both boys will be sharing a room until we finish that 4th bedroom. You know, when we can afford it? Say 10yrs? Aidan has a loft bed but we only have the one twin mattress and the bed itself is still in approximately 73 pieces so they are sleeping in the guest bedroom upstairs. Needless to say they fight and scream for an hour before they fall asleep and then one or the other wakes up 12 times before 6am when they are up for the day. Naps are a thing of the past. I'm tired.

Aidan starts school here next Tuesday. We went to get registered and meet his teachers this week. They have a lot to live up to because Aidan compares everything and everyone to Perfect School and Ms. Perfect (I agree with this assessment, I adore his teacher). He spent the entire tour talking about how awesome his old school was and how awesome his old teacher was and how awesome the playground at the old school was and I think his new teacher might hate his old teacher already. I am very hopeful the new school will work out and I won't be biting holes through my tongue or wringing my hands to keep from cursing and physically assaulting anyone there like I did at the first school he went to

Something funny that happened while we were there - the kids in the class have been told about Aidan so they are beyond excited to meet him. One girl actually came out of the classroom as we walked by and the teacher asked her if she was supposed to be out in the hall. The little girl answered, No, but I just want to look at him some more. He's popular already!

I do have pictures of the new house. See, I know you guys pretty well, don't I? We took a lot when we looked at it and I took some of the mess as we moved in. I will post them when I have acceptable after shots. That is a long way off. Since we plan on living here a very long time, I am taking my sweet time putting things away. Also, the Mr refuses to hang pictures for a minimum of 2 weeks. Something about how I change my mind and holes in the wall or some such shit. I think if I bring up painting accent walls right now he might vomit pea soup. 

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