January 27, 2010

I Think He's Ready To Move Out Now

Aidan's first day at his new school was yesterday. He packed his lunchbox and backpack Monday at 6am. He almost jumped out of the truck at the first sight of the school building. He was almost hit by a car running across the parking lot to get inside, and apparently trying to get away from me because he's a "Kindergartener now and only babies hold their mommie's hand!".

Forward to 10 minutes later and he's clinging to me as if rabid wolves were trying to drag him away. As I sprinted for the door the new sucker teacher was holding onto him and he was bowed up and about to completely lose his shit. I could see it in his eyes. I spent the rest of the day staring at my phone because it was pretty clear I would be getting a call. At which point I was prepared to completely lose my shit because that school had every opportunity to prepare for Aidan. Every teacher who worked with him at his old school wanted to talk to the new people to make it an easy transition for Aidan. Noone from the special education department was even at the school yesterday. They brought the oldest woman I've ever even seen in to "assist" if he got unruly. Seriously? I've seen him almost take his own father down, that lady was gonna get her ass kicked if the shit hit the fan. But what do I know, I'm just his mother...


I never got a call. Apparently 20 seconds after I left he calmed down, stayed to himself for a couple more minutes and then decided he wanted to join the class. He had a fantastic rest of the day. When I picked him up he was so happy and excited. His teacher raved about him, said he was absolutely perfectly behaved all day long. I was shocked. Proud but shocked. He immediately started talking about riding the bus to school.

Whoa, hold the damn phone, boy! You're 5! Barely off the boob! And you want me to let you get onto a big vehicle where you don't wear a seatbelt, with 50 other kids you don't even know, driven by a man I don't even know, to ride to a school you've been to a grand total of twice now? And I'm not even supposed to walk you to the bus stop? Who ARE you?

He did it this morning. I walked him to the bus stop staying the predetermined distance of 10 feet behind him and not speaking to him or even looking at him in front of the other kids as directed. The bus pulled up and he got on - no kiss, no hug... I couldn't even wave to him because the windows were tinted. I just stood there on the sidewalk with my mouth hanging open. I managed to tell the driver his name and where he was supposed to get off but I was basically a nonessential person in the whole deal. Obsolete. Unneeded.

For someone who has been counting down to his 18th birthday since, oh day 3, this really kinda sucked for me.
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