January 1, 2010

Fill My Google Reader

I've got to be honest, my Google Reader is full of shit. Okay, not "shit" per say but blogs I've read a long time that I really don't read anymore. I log on, read a couple posts, and find myself hitting Mark As Read a lot. I have a few blogs that come directly to my email and I've even pared those down lately. I've found that there are some bloggers that I love but I almost never read their blogs. And on the flip side of that - there are blogs I simply love but probably could not stand to be in the same room as the writer. Does that make sense to anyone but me? Maybe my taste for content has changed and maybe, MAYBE, some blogs just started sucking. I'm certain some people feel the same about Martians. Trust me, I watch those stats like a hawk. You delete me from a reader or cancel your email subscription, I know it. Anyway, back on track, I'm ready for some new stuff. So tell me who's in your reader, who comes to your inbox, who are you reading that I should be reading?

If you read Martians and pay even a tiny bit of attention you'll know what I'm bound to like and not like but let me go ahead and set up some guidelines. I like funny, sarcastic, sassy, possibly a little mean even. I like drama. I don't really want to be in the drama but a front row seat suits me just fine. I like crazy. Like for real. Real women who fight depression and anxiety and the urge to tie their kids up, those are people I can relate to. And men! I want to read some superbly funny male bloggers. Nothing is scared to men and that makes for funny. I don't read exclusively dieting blogs or exclusively book blogs or exclusively review blogs or exclusively celeb watching blogs. Photography blogs are okay as long as there is some witty content between the photos and travel blogs will work if it they involve some sort of snark.

So there it is, find me some bloggers who are funny, sarcastic, mean, crazy, or mentally ill. And anyone who will make a complete ass of themselves on YouTube. Bring it on!
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