December 29, 2009

Me and Are Gonna Brawl

I really think myself pretty internet savvy. I've never once fallen for the fake Facebook or MySpace login page, I know which security seals to look for, I've never once been scammed online... 

Well Merry Fucking Christmas to me! Yeah, that honor goes to I've wanted a new pair of eyeglasses for months. I spotted an amazing pair for an obscene amount at my eye doctor's office. So I started searching online for the best price. I found a better price than at but the site was shady and I wasn't about to go punching in my credit card number like an idiot. I researched like crazy. I found pages of good reviews like this one where they even responded to the few negative reviews and this one full of good reviews. I didn't find any complaints lodged against them. I looked them up on Google and there's a store with phone number, address, and map, a post on looked good, lists them as sellers... the list goes on and on. I felt absolutely comfortable ordering from them.

So I used every red cent of my Christmas money and possibly a little of my husband's Christmas money and placed my order the day after Christmas. As soon as I hit send I realized I didn't get a chance to put in my prescription or my eye doctor information so I sent a quick email to both email addresses I could find - and - asking how to get them the info. Their business hours are Mon through Fri 9am to 5pm so I didn't expect to hear anything back until yesterday. Yesterday morning I started calling (888-820-8304). You get an automated sounding system saying Thank you for calling, please hold blah blah and then 5 seconds of holding and you get We're sorry, we can't answer your call right now, please leave name and phone number blah blah blah. I called them 56 times yesterday. I left 8 messages. I sent 6 emails. After business hours their phone prompt changes to Please call back between the hours blah blah blah. I've called 18 times today. Once I got distracted and didn't hang up immediately and the voice prompt starts telling me to press 3 to send, press 4 to send as urgent, etc... like a cell phone does! If I wasn't positive I got scammed before, the fact that I've been calling a damn cell phone for 24 hours kinda sealed the deal for me. $231 GONE. Just gone.

In between shooting off scathing emails and relentless calling yesterday, I did some more research. And I found this. At which point I freaked out and called my bank to see if I could cancel the transaction since it was still pending. No dice. We canceled my debit card so they can't steal the other $30 we've got left. Fuckers.

I know criminals are pretty inventive and if they used their brains for anything other than scamming people they could be useful members of society. It seems has gone to some insane lengths to appear legit. The automated phone answering system, the site looks awesome, good reviews around the net, I got a legit-looking email receipt, even my bank said it doesn't look like the fakes they've seen. But the whole ignoring all attempts to contact them kinda negates all the rest.

Now here's the thing. I am the wrong person to cross. I will hold a grudge like not many people can and I do not give up on exacting revenge easily. One of's responses to a negative review mentioned that the customer called screaming at the staff like a crazy person. They have no perception of crazy. But they soon will. Since I'm pretty sure it's a cell phone I've started texting them as well. I'm going to join every online business rating site I can find and rip them a new asshole all over the internet. Between Facebook, Twitter, and the blog they are gonna wish they'd have never taken my money.

If by some miracle of God it turns out they just didn't get 15 emails and 10 messages and accidentally deposited my money into their bank account without first shipping my glasses that they magically made with my prescription without actually getting my prescription, which will happen as soon as I hit publish according to the way things go for me I'll be glad to say my bad, I take it all back, sorry for the crazy emails, messages, and texts, nasty Twitter and blog posts about your company but your customer service SUCKS! The very least you could have done was send an email to the effect of Ok, Crazy Lady, we got your messages, we'll get to you, don't have a stroke. That, I could respect. Shady, thieving, scamming, lying, and taking my Christmas present and money, not so much. What else am I supposed to do? I'm just sick. And pissed. So pissed that I've cried about it, which pisses me off even more.

So the moral here is don't use Better to give your money to someone you know will use it to buy crack to smoke. Just sayin'.

UPDATE: I just got an email from them From a completely different email address simply saying
Dear Amanda,
Thank you very much for you order. Unfortunately we cannot proceed with your order because we have not received your prescription information.
Please scan and reply to this email or simply fax it to the fax number below.
Best Regards, Order Processing Team
Phone: (888) 820-8304
Fax: (866) 845-0233

Um, duh!!! and are ya kidding me? What the hell is wrong with you people? Best regards? My best regards haven't even begun, son! I'm not convinced I'll ever see my glasses or my money again. We shall see.

Please read the rest of my posts about by clicking on the link on the sidebar. While is a legit company and I did receive my glasses in the end, there is much, much more to this story.


Jessi said...

Holy crap!! I'd be soooo pissed.

I'm sorry they took your money ughhhh

adrienzgirl said...

Holy Damn! Thieving bastards!
Go get 'em!

Willnnabel said...

I'm thinkin these were the people you cut up and had SB dispose of. Hmmm I think you may get off if you had a lady judge in your dream also....

Crap, I don't blame you for being pissed. I sadly am that way too. I even started a face book account just to hunt someone who stiffed me on a swap. All I can say here is "Atta girl"

MostlyFlumxdArt said...

Damn! That sucks so bad. I am so sorry they messed with you, they have no idea what kind of shit storm they have released! Keep us updated...

Funny in My Mind said...

If you paid by credit or debit, you can contest the charges. I have done it before. And contact the Better business Bureau too.

Alex Huynh said...

Any more updates?! o_0

Jasmine W. said...

Sorry to hear about your issue. I know a while back I was gonna do an order with them and had read reviews about them as well. I also like shopping for good deals when it comes to items ESPECIALLY for my eyewear. Two sites I can highly recommend since I have done business with each of them more than once are.

Excellent sites. If I can think of anymore I'll let you know.