December 30, 2009

It's Possible - Although Not Likely - That I Overreacted. Possibly!

Yes, I have pulled my rant - and I do mean a vile filled rant - on even though I was really proud of it. I got an email from someone with the word "dreamshades" in their email address, and it seems it's possible I might actually get these someday.
I still have a little twinge of a feeling that I will not. However, look for a retooled version to come out in any case because I'm still livid at the customer service. I'm angry that I spent all that time worried sick that I had lost all that money, that I had been scammed, that somewhere in New York City someone was laughing their ass off at me. Yes, I'm aware they most certainly are laughing at me now but if they're laughing because I reacted like a crazy person over nothing, fine by me. But laughing at me because I'm reacting like a crazy person over getting scammed while spending my money, not okay by me.
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