December 1, 2009

New Moon

My official opinion of the movie... I really didn't know how to sum up my feelings for a review of the movie. Then the proverbial light bulb came on above my head. This little convo kinda sums it up.

Mr - You never told me about the movie, if you liked it or not.

Me - Eh, it was ok.

Mr - Just ok? After all that build up?

Me - Yeah, those two who play Bella and Edward irritate me so they kinda ruin it for me. That punk isn't my Edward. However, Jacob is a whole other story. He's my Jacob! I can see becoming a Cougar for that sexy th... *I stop in the middle due to the look on SB's face.*

Mr - What?

Me - *Giggling* He's just a nice looking kid that I can't take my eyes off and that takes my mind off wanting to rip Patty Boy's hair.

Mr - Oh, really?

Me - *More Giggling* Yeah. I didn't really know how I was going to review it for the blog but now I do.

Mr - Oh, so you baited me for the blog? You're an ass. Be sure to put that in your blog.


So really, the movie was good. I love the story so much. This story!Not this interpretation of it. It's true that I don't get the appeal of Patty Boy what-so-ever and he in no way, shape, form, or fashion resembles MY Edward. But maybe that's because I'm not 12. And I appreciate men who wash their hair. Having to see him as Edward makes me want to shove the dull end of a toothpick into my eyelids. A huge plus for New Moon, he's gone for most of it.

Best thing about New Moon, Edward is gone and Jacob comes onscreen and makes me just wanna lick him. As soon as he turns 18 of course, pervs.

And that brings us to Bella. Bella was my least fave character in the book but I figured they cast someone who could make me see the error of my ways and become a Bella fan. Didn't happen. I can't really put my finger on what specifically bothers me about her...hmmm...maybe I don't have enough fingers.
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