November 13, 2009

Who Knew Firemen Delivered Pizza?

I suppose there are many ways to get noticed in a small town. You could move from Arkansas to Nebraska and your accent alone will make an impression. You could get into a dog shit war with your neighbors and as I found out yesterday, the whole neighborhood will know all about it. Or you could have the freakin' fire department come rolling up to your house - lights and sirens blaring.

Guess which one I did? Okay, all of them but the fire truck was my latest effort.

Last night we ordered pizza for dinner. About the time the pizza was due Aidan starts screaming that the firemen are here. I'm like the fire department, what the hell did you do, Aidan? I open the door to find 3 firemen standing on my porch holding a pizza box. I just kinda stood there open mouthed for a few seconds and they asked Did you order a pizza? And then pure brilliance spewed out when I very nervously said, Um, yes, was I not supposed to? *shaking head* Don't ask, I don't know why some shit comes out of my mouth, I was caught a bit off guard - not expecting the fire department to respond to a pizza delivery and all.

Turns out the fire department and this pizza place teamed up and they randomly choose a delivery order and deliver the pizza. If you have a working smoke detector in your home, the pizza is free. We had one working one and they installed another upstairs for us, plus our pizza was free. Score! The boys got to climb up in the fire truck, Aidan's head almost spun off his neck he was so excited. I'm betting our next pizza delivery is gonna be a big let down for him as he will surely be expecting the fire truck again.
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