November 6, 2009

Twitter Lists

When I first saw that we could make lists on Twitter I was all Oh hell, instant blog fodder! And then everyone else had the same idea. I had it first so I'm doing it anyway.

First, my lists are private because, well, despite my telling everything I know to the internet - all 6 of you who read it - I don't want everyone knowing how I categorize them. I'm mysterious like that. Plus, people get their skivvies in a bunch over getting put on the wrong lists and I've got enough pissing and moaning to deal with from Anonymous.

I'm working on my lists though. You know, like People I Know IRL, Mom/Dad Bloggers, Tweeters that Make Me Laugh So Hard I Pee, etc... I'm building up my Skanks Who Want Me To View Their PornCam and Complain So Much I Want To Cut Their Wrists For Them lists. It's fun, creative even! I'm on a few public lists and they're all pretty generic; Mom Bloggers, Girlfriends, Bloggies, and Would Fuck.

Wait, what!?!?

Yes, I'm on a Would Fuck list. Who knew?
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