November 10, 2009

Is This Asshole For Real?

I hold a semi-controversial stance on Michael Jackson - as in I think he was a pedophile, also an amazing performer, but first a pervert. The other part of my opinion is that his father is a sorry rat bastard who is hugely responsible for completely fucking his son up. I mean really, this video where he's asked how he is doing and answers "We just lost the biggest super star in the's hard", I just stared at the TV open mouthed when it aired. Wow, I'm glad you just lost a superstar and not a child cuz that would have really sucked, you fucking asshole!

And now the headline is Joe Jackson Seeks Stipend From Michael's Estate (further proving he is a douche). I don't think I can say fucking asshole enough in this post to actually cover what a fucking asshole this guy is.
LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson's father is seeking an allowance from his son's estate to help cover expenses... blah blah blah...Michael Jackson's 2002 will, however, omitted any mention of his father. The two had an often-strained relationship, and Michael Jackson said at one point that he would get physically sick — as a child and as an adult — at the sight of his father.

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