October 22, 2009

You Really Shouldn't Have Said That

"Mama, did you wash my jersey when I was at school today because I wanted to wear it today but you didn't have it washed and you said you'd wash it so I can wear it tomorrow because I love my jersey and it needs to be washed. So did you?"

It's not all d..

"Well what did you do all day then!?!?"

Excuse me? What did I do all day? Well, your highness, I did laundry and if you hadn't interrupted me I was going to say it wasn't dry yet but it'll be done in a few minutes. Also, after I dropped you off at school I came home and swept the floor where you ate toast, picked up your dishes, washed the dishes, vacuumed, picked up your towel off your bedroom floor and hung it up, picked up your clothes off your floor and put them away, picked up your toys, gathered up your DVD's and put them in the right cases, cleaned up your playroom, made a grocery list filled with the crap you like to eat... well, you get the idea. Shut up!

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