October 13, 2009

This Could Be Uncomfortable

I read a blog and the author asked his readers if any of them had been the subject of an intervention. You know, like the A&E show? I utilized the little red X in the corner of the page cause I wasn't going there on a blog that I only lurk on. The more I thought about it I wondered, should I go there with you. And I don't know. Should I? People in town are finding out about the blog and I'm the new girl in town and I'm joining parenting groups. I never should have let it get out but it's out and it can't be made unknown again. If I start writing about interventions and alcohol abuse and rehab and drug addictions and hoarding and fecal smearing... people will start talking.

So, the question you are dying to hear about; Have I ever been the subject of an intervention. The answer is... Dum dum dum...

No! What kind of girl do you think I am?

Made you wonder though, didn't I? Now I need you to be honest and say if you thought I had in fact been a part of an intervention. I also want to know for what? What kind of things could you imagine I had done. Note: You don't get rehab for beating your kids, that's jail. Just sayin. Have some balls and tell the truth.

Tee hee hee

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