October 8, 2009

This And That And Some Of Everything

*So obviously my last wishes mean nothing to my husband. I told him I think I have a brain tumor (I have my reasons for believing this to be true, none of which include a doctor of any sort) but he doesn't grasp the gravity of the situation. 

I told him after I die he's gonna have to take over the blog. He scoffed and said he'd write one post and it would say "It's Over". I said, fine, then I'm gonna write you out of my will - you'll be losing out on millions! He laughed. Laughed! He obviously doesn't know the potential wrath of blog readers.

*Aidan got his first invite to a party from a schoolmate. Except it was to a slumber party at a little girl's house. He can't understand why he can't go. The boy/girl issue aside, another big reason is because Aidan strips nekkid to sleep so you can imagine that scene going down...
"Bedtime, kids!"

*the collective screams of ten 5 year old girls*

*my phone ringing, high pitched screaming and questions about my parenting*

That would do wonders for my notoriety here, hu?

*This evening Aidan and Daddy were wrestling and as usual, Aidan ended up hurt. He stomped up to his room and slammed the door cuz that'll teach us, right? So I go up there and he's standing there fuming, I mean FUMING! - fists balled up at his sides, gritted teeth - and I said What are you so mad about? And I quote... Because Daddys' such a bitch about everything! I thought I would die laughing! I just ran away. I didn't have it in me to scold him right then and I couldn't let him see me laugh so I did my best. I literally almost peed in my pants! My kid is awesome!

*I miss Lost. There, I said it, I actually miss it. I miss Jack and Charlie and even Sybil, um I mean Kate. I miss Sayid and the island and the monster. Then I found some of the episodes from Season 5 on ABS.com but only about half of them. Why are they trying to make me crazy? I knew I never should have watched that damn show!

*Oh, didn't I say Jon was a douche? Point proven, mkay?
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