October 8, 2009

This And That And Some Of Everything

*So obviously my last wishes mean nothing to my husband. I told him I think I have a brain tumor (I have my reasons for believing this to be true, none of which include a doctor of any sort) but he doesn't grasp the gravity of the situation. 

I told him after I die he's gonna have to take over the blog. He scoffed and said he'd write one post and it would say "It's Over". I said, fine, then I'm gonna write you out of my will - you'll be losing out on millions! He laughed. Laughed! He obviously doesn't know the potential wrath of blog readers.

*Aidan got his first invite to a party from a schoolmate. Except it was to a slumber party at a little girl's house. He can't understand why he can't go. The boy/girl issue aside, another big reason is because Aidan strips nekkid to sleep so you can imagine that scene going down...
"Bedtime, kids!"

*the collective screams of ten 5 year old girls*

*my phone ringing, high pitched screaming and questions about my parenting*

That would do wonders for my notoriety here, hu?

*This evening Aidan and Daddy were wrestling and as usual, Aidan ended up hurt. He stomped up to his room and slammed the door cuz that'll teach us, right? So I go up there and he's standing there fuming, I mean FUMING! - fists balled up at his sides, gritted teeth - and I said What are you so mad about? And I quote... Because Daddys' such a bitch about everything! I thought I would die laughing! I just ran away. I didn't have it in me to scold him right then and I couldn't let him see me laugh so I did my best. I literally almost peed in my pants! My kid is awesome!

*I miss Lost. There, I said it, I actually miss it. I miss Jack and Charlie and even Sybil, um I mean Kate. I miss Sayid and the island and the monster. Then I found some of the episodes from Season 5 on ABS.com but only about half of them. Why are they trying to make me crazy? I knew I never should have watched that damn show!

*Oh, didn't I say Jon was a douche? Point proven, mkay?


Diane said...

this reminds me of the time everyone was in a really fowl mood and trinity announced to us that we "are all assholes!" it was so hard not to laugh! and, well, we pretty much were all being assholes, so what could i say?

i dont get why aidan was even invited to a girl's sleep over party??

The Red Headed Mama said...

I love that Aidan called daddy a bitch, that's the best. I've had to do the mommy walk away many times, sometimes they're just too damn funny...even when they're heathens.

The Red Headed Mama said...

Oh, I forgot to add:

Aidan is quite the pimp, getting invited to a girls sleepover already. My Aiden would be jealous, he's still trying to convince me to invite his girlfriend from last year to his sleepover in Jan (for his birthday). .

MostlyFlumxdArt said...

Great post! If Sexy Beast won't post I will continue posting for you after you die of imaginary tumor!
And I have had to run out of the room many times when my kids say something that is funny but shouldn't be encouraged.
And I too miss LOST. Why oh why do they have to make us wait so many months???

Cristin said...

Hearing kids using bad words just warms my heart.


Cassie said...

Jon makes douches look bad.

Michelle said...

Who invites opposite sex kids to a sleepover unless you are family friends? Really?

"Dad is such a bitch" freaking hilarious!

I have never watched Lost so I don't know what to say about that. I know people who loved that show. The Office is hubby and my new favorite show. Last night we were watching a re-run we had never seen and I was laughing so hard I was crying. So worth going to bed late!

Krissi said...

That is too funny about Aidan... what did SB think about the comment?

Oh and as for LOST, I have a request to pass along... my mom said to me the other day "Next time you talk to Sissy, tell her to quit watching that damn show and start posting...." LOL

Anonymous said...

HYSTERICAL, HYSTERICAL, HYSTERICAL!!!! I think you should invite Nanny 911 into your house, not because you have issues with your kids - I LOVE the chaos of all things kids - but just so the rest of us can laugh and the camera can pan in and out on the Nanny's face as her jaw drops repeatedly.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, and don't hate me but I've given you yet another award.. HAHAHAHA! I know how much you love them and don't have time to accept them all.. You're think, "Jesus Christ, don't I have a enough to do????" BUT.. You do deserve it AND ONE DAY.. When you're not so busy I expect to see ALL OF THEM on your blog! =)
And I love lit'l Aidan!!! He should come over and teach my grandson some new cuss words, right now he's only at the "damn it" stage.. =) Now come over and take your award DAMN IT!

TheRixonFive said...

new to your blog! love it!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I understand the Lost addiction, it is such an awesome show. Maybe you could become one of those fans that reads all the message boards and comes up with complicated scientific theory's to explain everything on the show while you wait for more shows? ;)

melanie said...

Jon's the business end of the douche... douche NOZZLE!

Aidan's a doll and absolutely on target! You're doin' it right...

Willnnabel said...

My friend used to tell her son "You drive me nuts" or "You drive me up a wall"/ One day when he was angry with her, he said "You drive my nuts up the wall!"
She was able to contain herself, I can't say the same for me.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

OMG... just too freakin' hilarious!
I laughed so hard, I had to read your post to The Hubs, then he laughed so hard we woke up the dog.
You ar destroying our quiet little household!
I LOVE your kid... he is like mine was at that age... but WTF is that mother thinking inviting boys over for a sleep-over at FIVE YEARS OLD??? My kids didn't have coed sleep-overs until high school - don't get me started on THAT! I think that is just asking for a molestation charge, and police coming to somebody's house with the questions of Sarah said that Johnny touched her here, did that happen.... I think someone needs to talk to that woman!!
I cannot wait for Lost to come back!!
Thanks for always making me have a great day, and making me feel like a great mom - JUST LIKE YOU!!!