October 30, 2009

Review Coming Soon and a Giveaway... Gasp!

For the past few weeks Aidan has been devouring this new 3-D virtual world at JumpStart.com. Maybe a bit too ferociously. He's basically writing this review all on his own but I'm still gathering photos and video and taking notes on the crazy stuff he says while playing it. In the meantime I'm starting the giveaway. The winner will receive a free 3 month membership to JumpStart.com.

In order to win you must first leave a comment here telling me that you at the very least clicked over to see what this was all about. No, I have no way of telling if you did it or not but you'll know you're a liar and a cheat so don't do that, mkay? This is the qualifying entry so if you do all the extra entries without doing this one, well, that would be silly.

For additional entries you can
1. Follow Martians on Blogger - leave a comment here saying you did this
2. Follow me on Twitter - leave a comment here saying you did this
3. Tweet this giveaway *1 time per day*- leave a comment here saying you did this (link to the tweet)
4. Post this giveaway on your own blog - leave a comment here saying you did this (link to the post)
5. Write a blog post detailing all the reasons I'm the best blogger you've ever read and how you know I'm gonna overtake Dooce any day now. Ok, this isn't officially an entry but if you do it chances that I pick your comment as the winner are greatly improved in your favor. Shhhh!

Okay, boys and girls, let's get this party started. Contest ends Friday, November 13. Now it just so happens that I'm gonna have some semblance of a life that day so I'll announce the winner that weekend and contact that person my email. Good luck!

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