October 10, 2009

Miley, Blogs, Asher And Housework

Wow. This is actually a news story? Isn't there a war going on? Did you even notice the teen queen's absence from Twitter? If so, we can't be friends, sorry. Oh and now Daddy Cyrus is "urging" Miley to return to Twitter. GAG!

Has anyone noticed a trend in mean blogs? Like people who used to be fresh and funny and just the right amount of saucy and you loved them and then they just turned angry and hateful but not the funny kind of hateful? I don't count because this has never been a puppy-dogs-and-rainbows blog, I've always been hateful, it's my niche, that's what I'm good at. I'm talking about blogging nothing but rants about blogging and how much you hate blogging and how much you hate bloggers and how much bloggers suck at blogging. You might be in need of a new prescription for your happy pills, my dear. We're bloggers - by definition we are attention whores. Deal with it.

Asher's on a new kick. Everyone's a monkey. For instance, Asher, do you want some apples? No, monkey! Asher, wanna take a bath? Yeth, monkey! When I tickle him; 'top it, monkey! You're the only monkey I know, kid!

Gawd, I'm sick to death of sweeping floors! I honestly sweep our kitchen and dining room a minimum of 4 times a day:

*After breakfast when the kids somehow manage to dump crumbs from banana bread or donuts or waffles all over the floor.

*Right before Mr comes home for lunch so it at least looks like I've done something all morning.

*Right before Mr comes home from work, also for the above reason.

*And finally after dinner when approximately 1/5 of the food I placed on the kids' plates ends up on the floor.

No, the dog is no help. She only eats off their plates, that food hasn't touched the floor. She wouldn't lower herself to eat off the floor...
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