October 31, 2009


This year Aidan was a race care driver. Now he was rearing a Moto Cross costume but trust me, he was a race care driver.

Asher was a skeleton. With broken ribs. He ripped a big chunk off right before we headed out. The costume was a tad tight. Kinda looked like he was wearing scuba gear or bicycle pants.

I was just me. A witch, hee hee hee. The Mr wouldn't let me wear the mask except to take one photo cuz he said I looked ridiculous. I think it's hawt!

After we did our trick or treating we came home and Aidan took over candy duty. I can't say for sure how much of it he ate while he was out there but he certainly enjoyed himself.

We cooked up a Papa Murphy's pizza and watched some Olivia before the boys hit the sack. How they are sleeping after all that sugar is beyond me.

And finally, a few of the best things I overheard throughout the evening...

One of Aidan's friends who came by our house when we were giving out candy, Thanks, Aidan, you're the best friend I ever had!

Little girl in a Cinderella costume, Hey, can I come in your house? Aidan said Yeah.

When we ran out of candy to give out, the Mr jokingly said We can give your candy to them if you want. Aidan stopped a second and then said Mine?!?! Well, ok. And he did!
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