October 25, 2009

Funny Shit From Facebook

I feel a new series coming.

Back story: the married couple were in a wreck with a friend recently, the driver had been drinking. Half of the married couple stopped drinking, half didn't. The names have been changed to protect the guilty innocent. It started around midnight and ended about 9am.

Wife - hanging out listening to the drunk talk....lol.....being sober is sooooooo much fun!!!!!

Friend - So i guess Husband didn't learn his lesson?

Wife - well all the fun is being had right in our house now instead of out in the public...lol.....ive not had a drink in 22 days!!!

Friend - im proud of you. but im sure his fun wont stay in the house to much longer. only a matter of time i suppose

Wife -nope

Friend - well i guess only time will tell. i personally dnt c that happening very much longer.

Wife - thats true......but as long as im around it will stay this way!!!!

(Quickly Becoming Ex) Friend - like i said time will tell. its nun of my business neways. just a sad deal if you ask me

*Misc friends comment and chit chat*

Husband - Sad deal Friend? My life isnt near as sad as your pathetic stupid self! Youre an idiot!

Husband apparently reads some more from Friend and 2 minutes later...

Husband - No one asked you Friend! No one in there right mind would ask you a damn thing!

Husband reading more from Friend...

Husband - Jump off a cliff Friend! Do the world a favor!

Me - Ok, the Husband vs Friend thread might be the funniest shit I've read all year!
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