September 26, 2009

You Thought I Was Kidding...

but I totally wasn't. I'm on Episode 12 of Season 2 of Lost. I've formed many opinions on the characters but I really don't have time to get really into it so we'll stick to the top 5 on my mind right now.

Sawyer - um, I don't get it. He's an ass and not even a good looking one in my opinion.

Jack - yes, please.

Kate - you are truly irritating me with your doe eyes and your split personality. When exactly are you gonna get killed off?

Claire - honey, you might want to be nicer to Charlie cuz you and your kid are kind of a pain in the ass. Get over yourself, mkay?

Charlie - I adore your heroine addicted, crappy rock band playin', English arse!


Brightfish said...

We got Netflix for the sole purpose of LOST! (well, and Thomas that Damn Annoying Tank Engine) Someone loaned us Season 1 this summer and we watched it over two weeks. Now, thanks to Netflix, we are almost done with Season 2! We watch 3 episodes some nights after putting Sam to bed! Very late nights, but if they wouldn't end some of the episodes with cliffhangers from hell we could turn it off and go to bed! Damn those writers!!! We're on a break for the next week or so (and suffering withdrawal) as scott plays a show at the local theater. We are dying to get back to the island! Thank God we don't have to wait week to week between episodes or sit through commercials!

The Red Headed Mama said...

**first I really hate it when Blogger fishes loading after I've typed HALF MY FREAKING COMMENT and I have to start all over. GRRR**

Okay...this post make me want to watch even more. Only 12 more episodes of Desperate Housewives. If I skip cooking and cleaning...oh wait, I don't do that anyway...I should be able to finish the next few days

~aj~ said...

You should really not post things like this. It makes me want to spill the beans about EVERYTHING.

One thing I will say...Sawyer grows on you. Oh boy, does he ever. Loooooove me some Sawyer!

Now quit blogging and get your butt caught up. It's about time you've joined us LOST fanatics!

Anonymous said...

I loves me some Jack too!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

OK, you are so wrong about Sawyer!! Just you wait... and Jack, well I used to love him, but changed my mind... Kate, she's a whole different story. And Charlie, have you looked up the Drive Shaft website??? There is a freakin' fan club!! I adore his cute little Liverpool arse, too!!
I have been on the website and signed onto his obit, they think he is dead because his plane from Sidney went down... it is so freaking cool!!
I need me some topless Sawyer!!!!

AshMo said...

COME BACK TO US!! I NEED YOUR BLOG! lol- okay no really.. haha! I miss the rants and stories!

Willnnabel said...

Well what can I say? Nothing since I am not there. I am enjoying the break a bit, not as much work keeping my crown when I do not have to comment everyday, ha ha.

Cristin said...

I need to hunker down for a weekend and watch this damn show.