September 1, 2009

One Pound, Two Pounds, Three Pounds?

We have an experiment in mind. It involves one of our kids. Surely that's legal, right? We're not talking shock treatments here - not that I haven't considered testing those dog collars to keep them out of the damn street. But that's neither here nor there, mkay?

We think we need to know exactly how much meat Asher could eat. And here's why. We used to buy two steaks for the 4 of us to share. Then Asher started eating and holy hell, we need four steaks now. This incident might have set things off and things haven't tapered down any.

Mr thinks we should just put down a plate of meat, a pound at a time, and see how much he devours. My bet is on a full pound, minimum. Watch the video at that link and place your bets because the experiment is bound to happen.

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