September 12, 2009

Neighborhood Blog Fodder

We've got some neighbors. Not the Jackass Neighbors, things on that front have been pretty quiet. The neighbor I'm talking about will be referred to as Monk - you know, because of the OCD thing.

Monk has the best yard on the block. There's a method to his madness. Every Wednesday, rain or shine, Mr Monk edges his sidewalks and driveway. Every Thursday, rain or shine, Monk mows his lawn. In perfectly straight, diagonal lines. We've even seen him cutting the grass with scissors.


When he's done mowing he washes the mower and sometimes he waxes it.

Oh, yes. I'm totally serious!

Also, if it's raining, they pull the cars in the garage and towel them dry.

So today we were thinking about calling the cops because we assumed one of them was dead. See, the lawnmower was just shoved into the garage. We figured there were two explanations - either Mrs Monk killed Mr Monk and she didn't put the mower away correctly OR Mr Monk is going to kill Mrs Monk when he sees the mower sitting in there like that. Either way, something wasn't right over there.

P.S.     Currently is it midnight and I swear on my laptop, Mr Monk is out there waxing his car.

P.P.S.     We're pretty sure Mr Monk would stroke out at the site of the inside of my truck right now.

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