September 20, 2009

Merely A Spectator

It happens everyday but I never remember until I see it begin again.

A beat up '93 Jimmy pulls into the school turn-about and he gets out. Obviously fresh from his job, probably as a mechanic or landscaper, he looks like sort of a "rough-neck" kinda guy.

He stands next to the truck until the bell rings when he steps forward, seeming almost as impatient as the little boy he's there for probably is. The kid, a first-grader maybe, with his black Spider Man backpack flopping on his back flies into the arms of the man, who I can only assume is his dad.

It's not a quick hello hug, they hold tight. The boy's arms tight around the man's neck and the man's arms just as tight around the boy. He loosens his grip only to open the back door to put the boy inside the truck. I can't see them after that and I have to stop watching to get Aidan anyway but I'd watch longer if I could.
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